Find Your Purpose

multiple-paths-to-innovationAimlessly wandering through life is no way to live.  Being lost in the shuffle is a destiny you will most definitely have if you continue on this path.  So what can you do.  Some lame soul-searching activity.  I mean, what is that anyway; a day at Starbucks gazing into the nothingness while getting high on caffeine.  Or, is it a day at the spa where you can relax and be pampered all while pondering on the meaning of life.  However you search for your soul is up to you.  If you are like the majority of most people you already know what makes you happy and puts your mind at ease.  But chances are it doesn’t pay as much as your normal nine to five.  So, you continue on doing the same old thing, with destiny pushing you closer and closer to that proverbial shuffle.  It never occurs to most that you can do what you love part-time until it can support your lifestyle.  Yes, It will take some planning and prioritizing; but it will be worth it to have those moments of euphoria during your days of your life.  But even that doesn’t happen for all because their idea of planning is short slogan coined by Nike: “Just Do It”.  We put off till tomorrow what we can most certainly get done today, all in the name of laziness.  Don’t let your job consume you so much that it becomes your primary excuse for not living.  So, unless your heart’s desire is to continue building upon your boss’s dreams, find your purpose.  And you will have found your piece of happiness. 

Thank You for being my Audience

Norman LaVelle

2 Replies to “Find Your Purpose”

  1. norman – i found myself contemplating this eact reality bfore traveling 1300 plus miles for the mission trip to Belize in December. While there I got a huge dose of clarity and renewed sense of purpose. Now I am about the matters made clear to me while away from the normal distractions of my life.

    1. I think its amazing that you are focusing on the things that matter to you most. It’s really interesting how and when things become clear for us. It usually happens during a time or moment when you do not expect to be thinking about yourself. And then like a flash of light you know exactly what you should be doing and why. Thanks for Sharing Joe.

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