Book Review – “Big Girls Do Cry”

n330826“It’s not a requirement that you read “SOMETHING ON THE SIDE” first to understand this book.  However I do recommend it so that you can see how the initial drama starts to unfold.  The sister of the main charater is one sick and twisted woman; add in a touch of jealousy and you have to perfect recipe for disaster.  As for the new characters Lorraine and her best friend Jerome they also have a ton of Drama surrounding their arrangement.  Within this book is two separate stories that intertwine every now and then but both very great stories on their own.  More drama, jealousy, manufactured evidence, whos man is it and whose baby is it.   Once again Weber has created realistic characters in realistic situations that make for good entertainment.  Another one from my reading list.  By the way there is a third installment called TORN BETWEEN 2 LOVERS.” – Norman LaVelle 


In this explosive follow-up to Something on the Side, two of the original members of the Big Girls Book Club have started a new chapter of BGBC in Richmond, Virginia. The same rules apply here: You must be at least a bodacious size 14 to join. . .

Living in the plush suburbs, thirty-seven-year-old Egypt has it all–almost. She’s happily married to Rashad, but there’s one thing missing. They want to start a family. Enter her sister, Isis, who’s moved into Egypt’s McMansion with dreams of starting over. There’s just one hitch: before her sister married Rashad, he was Isis’s man for ten years. Isis thought she was over him, but the close quarters are creating doubts. She’s ready to leave until Egypt and Rashad ask her for a serious favor. And Isis can’t say no–even if the price might be way too high for them all.

Meanwhile, Loraine–Egypt’s boss and one of BGBC’s newest members–may be in the running for her sorority’s next national president. But Loraine has secrets that could ruin her if they ever see the light of day. Now these book lovers are about to learn that drama can follow you wherever you go–and that big girls do cry. . .

“Weber fills his books with lifelike characters–flawed, confused, frustrated, and sometimes plus-sized. His latest is perfect for readers looking for an emotion-filled human drama.” —Booklist

“Weber’s in top form with this fast-paced and oh-so-zany soap opera.” —Publishers Weekly

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