Writing: Motivation Required

I can’t write creatively right now so I guess I will just rant for awhile.  Me and my pen were best friends at once.  Writing is my way to celebrate successes or escape everything else.  letterI have recently hit a rut.  I have been writing for months and as of lately I just do not have the time nor the energy to write.  Normally, if I have a great idea for a story I would just start the voice recorder on my iPhone and get those thoughts out while they are fresh and I am inspired.  Then I can type them once I get home and build on it.  My last recording was from February!  I think I have taken on too many projects and I am spreading myself to thin.  I need to refocus and prioritize how and when I do things.  I recently purchased a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad and the idea was to be able to type anywhere I go so that when I have those moments my muse finally decides to visit me I can get those idea’s out.  But starting the blog has taken my attention from my iPad-keyboardnovel.  Maybe it was a mistake.  I had a friend tell me I should have just finished the book first then start the website.  But I have these Ideas that pop in my head while writing the book and I gotta stop and type them.  Is that so wrong?  And what better place to type them than in the blog so that I may get feedback from fellow writer and bloggers.  I’m so stuck & I need a vacation to just relax.  But I will not quit.  If I may quote George Elliot, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”  And as always…

Thank you for being my audience,

Norman LaVelle

3 Replies to “Writing: Motivation Required”

  1. I look at blogging as fun time or as writing exercises. The more you write the better you become at it. Sometimes we all get stuck so I wouldn’t worry too much–in fact worrying makes it worse! Chin up. I say keep writing whatever you feel like writing–but write as often as possible. What I’ve found is that on the days when you think you’re writing sucks it’s usually just about the same as other days (when you think your writing is pretty good)–it’s more a mood thing than an ability thing. Also don’t judge your stuff for a while and things will start to flow again. 🙂

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