To Fold or Not to Fold

Had to bring this back to the Top for some close friends.

Norman LaVelle

texas-holdemIn the game of Texas hold ‘em the pot goes to the player who has the best hand.  Sometimes during the game there are two or three winners due to a tie.  This could be the fate of some of the players but often enough player bow out by folding their hand.  Those players have to wait until the cards are shuffled and dealt again.  You do have to watch out for the player who may be bluffing.  But then you have those who stay to the bitter end to see how well they did.

In life you are given opportunities to be great, some of us go after what we want and other sit around and complain about what they don’t have.  Unless you were born ridiculously wealthy, you get out of life what you deposit into it.  Sometimes there are risks involved; or you can call them “possibilities”…

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