My Birthday

master_chef_mom_mothers_day_appreciation_sticker-r61783c933ffb471f8e0a8ca4364677a8_v9wf3_8byvr_512Today on my birthday I would like to take time to show appreciation for my mother.  From the time I was able to comprehend till now, I have watched my mother tirelessly work to help or provide for others.  I appreciate you being a teacher during the time you had a lesson for me to learn.  But I also appreciate you being a teacher during the times that you did not even know there was something to teach.  Often I do things in a certain honorable or pleasant way and people ask, “where did you learn that”.  I smile and say, I watched my mother.

Mom, I thank you for keeping me encourage, motivated and for standing behind any endeavor that I take on; no matter how crazy or outlandish it may seem.  Recently I have 21taken on what will prove to be one of my BIGGEST accomplishments once I have reached the end of my journey and then I will be ready to celebrate.  Until then I have a lot of work to do between school, work, my book and health.  So on this day I will catch up on homework and rest.  And celebrate later.  I can’t say thank you enough but I can always try.  Thank you for everything.  — Norman LaVelle

3 Replies to “My Birthday”

  1. What a beautiful blessing you are to your incredible mom. Thank you for sharing this post. I also want to thank you for following my barefoot music blog. I like your amazing blog, you are an interesting sort of guy.

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