Book Review — “The Family Business 2”

9781601625595_p0_v1_s260x420I really enjoyed the book, as usual Carl Weber does a great job with character development when putting a story together. The introduction of Sasha, Randy, and Consuela was really good and help move the story along. The book ended with a lot of unanswered question like. Who is Sonja’s husband? Will Ruby find the truth about her brother? Will Orlando meet Vincent. I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone. There is a lot of drama, twists, excitement and some sex. I love and hate Paris at the same time she has got to be the most spoiled damn brat I have ever seen.  Overall, Good book and I cant wait to read Part 3.  The end of the book also goes into the first three chapters of “to Paris with Love”, it focuses on Paris’s life back in finishing school.  Norman LaVelle


In his typical jaw-dropping fashion, Carl Weber returns with part 2 to his New York Times bestselling series The Family Business. He’s brought along a friend in bestselling author Treasure Hernandez and together they’ve added more drama and new family member’s to the mix.

Welcome to the world of Duncans. By day they are upstanding citizens running one of New York’s most respected car dealerships; but by night, they’re criminals who control most of the East Coast drug traffic. No matter whether they’re on their day or night jobs, one thing is true about the Duncan’s: there is never a dull moment to be found.

Baby momma drama has taken over the Duncan clan as a mad scramble ensues to find out who has fathered the Duncan sisters’ new babies. Meanwhile, Orlando Duncan, the family’s new CEO and a man with his own baby momma problems, has just developed a new product that may make the millionaire Duncans into billionaires. Orlando only has one obstacle in front of him, and it’s not law enforcement or one his family’s many rivals: it’s his mother, and she may be his most formable opponent to date, because she’s making the family take sides.

Can a civil war within the Duncan family be averted before it tears them apart?

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