Book Review — “To Paris with Love”

to paris with loveThis book started off a little foggy, I was fighting to understand what was going on but then I quickly started to piece together what was happening.  This was sort of a coming of age tale gone completely wrong but still accomplishing its purpose none the less.  The story is a tale of Paris Duncan from the Family Business collection and how she became the stone cold killer she is.  But it also reveals a softer side of the family trouble-shooter.  This book will make you feel happy, sad, angry, pissed, happy again, and then heart-broken.  Then you have your aha moment in the end that brings it all together.  Filled with thrills, twists, sex, murder and a good plot this story will keep you turning pages until you get to the end.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Cant wait for the Family Business III to come out next year. – Norman LaVelle 


A New York Times Bestselling Author; An Essence® Bestselling Author; An Essence® Bestselling Author — Ripped from the pages of Carl Weber’s New York Times–bestselling Family Business series comes a solo story about his most popular character to date — the bright, sexy, and deadly Paris Duncan.Join Carl Weber and Eric Pete as they go back in time and take Paris Duncan to Europe, to the finishing school where she meets her first true love, makes her first real enemy, and commits her first crime. Readers will get a thrilling inside view into the events that made Paris the lovely but lethal woman she is today.

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