Book Review — “Up to No Good”

up to no goodIf you follow any of Carl Weber’s church series you have heard of Deacon James Black, and you would know he is a mess and a half.  He is just the same in this book, but it goes deeper into his personal life.  He has two children and they too are going through their individual problem.  However just like their father they have some deep rooted issues of their own.  The book was a page turner and I didn’t stop until I was finished.  I had to know what was going to happen.  I will not spoil it for those who have not read it yet, but I will say there is rage, sex, violence, scandal, and a lot of mystery.  Hope you Enjoy.  — Norman LaVelle


There is always a man around the corner. Church trustee James Black should know–he’s usually that man, carrying on adulterous affairs and sleeping with one conquest after another. But when he suddenly finds himself truly in love, the other women in his church have a thing or two to say about it–including his daughter, Jamie.

Jamie has every intention of dismantling the relationship–until she discovers a mystery woman has been secretly calling her lover, Louis. Meanwhile, James’s son, Darnel, spirals out of control after he catches his fiancée cheating. James knows he’s to blame for the turmoil that surrounds him and his loved ones. Now he’ll have to find a way to bring peace to their lives. But he can only do it by facing some hard truths about himself and changing his scandalous ways.

“A charming tale. . .” —Essence®

“Twisty and entertaining. . .gives fans what they want. . .” —Publishers Weekly

“This family’s page-turning drama keeps readers in suspense until the very last page.” —Upscale Magazine

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