Poem by Dee Moore (untitled)

Wow! Take a look at this spoken word performance and learn a little more about artist below.


I have recently had the pleasure of encountering an artist from the U.K. by the name of Dee Moore.  She is a singer, song-writer, and praise & worship leader signed to G.L. Records that has been endowed with the ability to entertain.  Dee has a veracious heart and spirit and it’s revealed through the emotions that are displayed in her writing.  I love to showcase the aptitude of others, and was granted the opportunity to share her with you.  Our chance encounter happened as we both were responding to posts from an independent television movement called Black & Sexy TV.  It was then that I understood just how humble this artist truly is.  Hope you enjoyed this piece!  To keep up with Dee and her work, use the links below to follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Twitter             DeeMooreTV-YouTube


As always. “Thank You for being my Audience”

Norman LaVelle

(C) 2014. N.L. Writings

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