Shondaland takes over Thursday Night Prime-Time this Fall

Shonda Rhimes has master-minded a new show that will be airing this Fall 2014 immediately after Scandal.  Yes this means Shonda will have three of her creations airing all in the same night 7pm-10pm CST.



Rhimes, born January 13, 1970, in University Park, Illinois, is the first African-American woman to create and executive-produce a Top 10 network series—the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. She is also the creator of its spin-off, Private Practice, and the political thriller Scandal. Before these series, Rhimes penned such film screenplays as Crossroads and HBO’s Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.  (Bio, n.d.)

zap-fall-tv-2014-new-shows-on-abc-cbs-the-cw-f-007The new show casts another African-American leading lady, Viola Davis, known for her work in hit movies The Help, Doubt and her reoccurring role on Law & Order SVU.  Davis will be playing a brilliant, charismatic seductive lawyer and criminal law professor that proclaims that her class should be called How to get away with Murder.  That would be because as a criminal defense attorney your sole job is to defend your client, regardless of their guilt or innocence, and keep them out of prison.

Just from watching the trailer for the series premier, it would seem the Rhimes and ABC has yet another hit on their hands, but only time will tell.  This Fall’s ABC prime-time line-up will consist of Grey’s Anatomy at 7pm cst, Scandal at 8pm cst, and How to get away with Murder at 9pm cst.

Thank You for being my Audience,

Norman LaVelle

© 2014. N. L. Writings


Bio (n.d.) Shonda Rhimes Bio. Retrieved May 15, 2014 from Bio:

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