Being Selfish with my Masters

I, like most, went to college right out of high school.  I earned an associate’s degree in electronic engineering.  I thought at the time that it was what I wanted for myself.  After working in that field for 1 year I knew that it was not my calling. I started working for a wireless company where I excelled and was quickly promoted to management. Then a few years later I attained another associates in computer networking systems.  This degree I decided to go for because of my love and passion for technology, all the while ignoring my true passion, which was writing.   After years of working in management I was laid off and I started working for an online university and decided that I would finally finish my undergrad in Business Administration with a specialization in Project Management.  It would solidify the 9 year of management I have and open some new doors for me.

Now that I am 2 months from taking my last class and attaining my Bachelors.  I already have my masters set in my sights.  Although I was torn for a while because I always figure I would go straight into a MBA program in Operations Management.  After some careful consideration I have decided to be selfish with my master’s program.  All of my other degrees were either to get a job in that field or to advance within the company.  Well my bachelors coupled with my experience will allow me to do just that.  But my true passion still to this day is writing, from novels to short stories, blog post and some freelance writing for another site.

letterSo I would like to one day become a full time writer and that be my only profession.  So I have made an executive decision to get my Masters of English and Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction.  I am the happiest I have ever been making that decision.  The only other thing that would come close was realizing I was truly in love and would wind up married a second time to the most amazing woman that supports my dreams in every way.  So I will continue to work my way to a senior position, all the while writing part-time until writing consumes so much of my life, and bank account, I don’t have the time for both.  I feel that day I will truly be satisfied.

Thank You for being my Audience

Norman LaVelle

© 2014. N. L. Writings

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