Book Review – “Judge and Jury”

Judge and Jury“Judge and Jury was a stand alone by Patterson.  I am a fan of cop and law dramas so this title caught my attention instantly.  The book open with an FBI SAC (Special Agent in Charge) Nick Pellisante’s adventurous take down of a mob boss that he as chase almost half of his career.  When the case goes to trial what the FBI doesn’t know is the boss’s number two has put together an elaborate set of events to break him out of federal custody that just happens to leave every one at a loss including one of the jurors, Andie, on the trial.  The horrific turn of events lead the FBI agent to abandon his career and leave the bureau.  Not being able to get the turn of events out of his head he starts to visit and console the Andie and falls in love with her and together they hatch a scheme that takes them around the world literally to chase down this monster of a human and bring him to justice.  But not every thing goes as planned.  I hope you enjoy this read as much as I did.” – Norman LaVelle



From #1 bestselling author James Patterson comes the ultimate legal thriller where the judge and jury are terrified. The verdict: run for your life. Failing to escape jury duty, aspiring actress Andie DeGrasse ends up as Juror #11 in a landmark case. In this new Trial of the Century, a Mafia don known as the Electrician is linked to hundreds of gruesome crimes. Tracking this ruthless killer for years, senior FBI agent Nick Pellisante fears that the defendant’s power reaches far beyond the courtroom, even if the FBI’s evidence is ironclad. Just as the jury finishes deliberations, the Electrician makes a devastating move that shocks the entire nation – and shatters Andie’s world. Now she and Pellisante must hunt for the Electrician before he executes his most horrifying endgame.

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