Book Review – “Four Blind Mice” (Alex Cross #8)

6177-HQCScL“The book starts with Detective Alex Cross preparing to put in his retirement papers.  The entire family is happy that he will be leaving the police force.  But when his partner and life long friend John Sampson shows up to enlist Alex’s help with a case involving a friend who is on trial for murder he jumps at the chance to go out on one last big case.  However its no normal case because the person on trial is a soldier and they operate under a different scrutiny altogether.  Just as they think their way to clearing the soldier of these heinous crimes the run into roadblock from above.  And by above I mean higher ranking officers that do not want to reopen a case they feel is closed and settled.  It would appear that they want this soldier to die rather than be proven innocent.  That does not sit well with Cross or Sampson.  They continue the investigation anyhow and no matter what roadblocks come their way nothing will stop them from getting to the truth. This is such a great series how can you not love Alex Cross, his partner and the family.  See for yourself.” – Norman LaVelle


On the verge of resigning from the D.C. police force, Detective Alex Cross knows he can’t refuse this case. His partner John Sampson has a friend who has been framed for murder and is facing the gas chamber. His accusers? The United States Army. As a new woman in Cross’s life brings him hope in the face of a devastating loss at home, Cross and Sampson go up against codes of honor and silence and three ruthless killers. But a bigger threat lies in wait: Their controller, a lethal genius who will introduce Cross to new depths of terror . . the last of the FOUR BLIND MICE.

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