Okay, I will answer the #advice emails

Lucy-AdviceI have received an overwhelming amount of emails for advice in life or relationships.  I’m not even sure what I have posted to make my audience think that I am qualified to give advice. But I am a believer of listening to my readers and giving them what they want. That is the reason my short stories get the attention that they do. So I will take the time to get these emails in order and I will not give anyone’s name or information out, however if it is your email that I am answering I will do you the courtesy of emailing you the publish date. I have a steady post that goes out every Monday. So I will try to answer these emails every Friday or Saturday.  However, if I have no knowledge of the subject then I will not attempt to offer any advice.  I think that is fair.  I am not some self-proclaimed professional, but if I can help I will be happy to do so.

Thank You for being my Audienceadvice
Norman LaVelle

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