3 Yrs of #Blogging

I received this notification from Word Press alerting me that I have been with them now for 3 years.  I don’t know what I thought it was going to be when I started.  I never imagined it would make me fall even deeper in love with writing.  The site is teaching me discipline.  I remember when writing used to be a chore, then it became a hobby and now it’s a way of life.  I actually feel like my day isn’t complete unless I have made some writing progress with either my site, my book or my class work.  When I’m not writing, I’m usually researching.  When I’m not researching, I’m enjoying a good book, which to me is still somewhat like research.  My goal is to put up a win each day.  But what equals a win.

  • (A) I must take care of my health, eat the right things and exercise.
  • (B) I must have a good day at work. That’s still paying my bills for right now.
  • (C) I must write something everyday that pertains to my book or my blog.
  • (D) I must give my education the attention it deserves.  The only reason I started my Masters is to hone my craft.

Hopefully, when WordPress sends me one of these in the next 3 years congratulating me on 6 years of blogging; NL Writings will be my primary source of income.  And as always:

Thank You for being my Audience

Norman LaVelle

© 2015. N L Writings.

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