#BookReview – “The First 48”

The first 48This is the first novel I’ve read by Tim Green.  I have to be honest I saw the title and thought of the television series and assumed it would be something similar to that.  I was so wrong.  This was a great read.  Tom Redmon who was a decorated police officer, then a prosecutor on a rise is now a low budget attorney taking case where he can to stay afloat.  Tom has a friend Mike Tubbs who works as his private investigator, a former motorcycle club thug, is the only one who believes him when he says that his daughter has been taken.  She spoke to her father the night before about breaking a story about a senator who is into all sort of dirt.  After her last call to him there was nothing.  He knows from his years on the police force that after the first 48 hours have passed usually the cops will give up and not look as hard because usually the victims are dead.  He set his watch from the time she last made contact and tells the local authorities in DC that he is on his way there.  Once he and Mike arrive he learns that the DC police are not treating this as any really crime, they see that her place has been broken into and has also been ransacked, however they only see a burglary, not a kidnapping.  Tom makes a fuss to the local cops in charge but Mike stops him and they realized that they are going to have to do this without the help of the local pd and by any means necessary.  With 18 passed already it is now a race against the clock to find and rescue his daughter.  This book is great.  I am actually still finishing up the book as I’m typing this.  If you like crime novels, then I suggest adding this to your reading list and I am going to finish these last few chapters.  Hope you enjoy it also.  – Norman LaVelle.


“As a child, Jane Redmon heard the name Gleason in hushed whispers around her upstate New York home but never knew why. Now, as a fearless Washinton Post reporter digging into a corruption case, she discovers the truth: Twenty years ago, before he became a senator, a young Michael Gleason ruined the career and life of her father, Tom, a public prosecutor on the rise.” “Today Tom Redmon has bottomed out as a low-rent attorney taking on unwinnable cases and as a widower living in an alcoholic fog and a crumbling house overlooking a lake. No one believes in him except his daughter and his 300-pound best, and only, friend – a reformed motorcycle gang member and computer whiz, Mike Tubbs.” “Then Jane disappears.” “When the D.C. police suspect a kidnapping, Redmon doesn’t have to look at a list of suspects. As a former cop, he also knows that after the first 48 hours, victims disappear forever. Even as he jumps into his battered old pickup with Tubbs and heads into Washington, the countdown has already started.” “In D.C., Redmon learns his daughter was last seen following a handsome attorney with sharp green eyes who promised secret files filled with the stuff Pulitzers are made of. But the labyrinth that is Washington cannot compare to the twisted trail Redmon and Tubbs will follow five hundred miles north, to a remote island in New York State where Jane has either fallen in love or is about to lose her life.” The clock is running down, and Tom doesn’t know whom to trust, including himself. Is he fighting the battle he’s been waiting for – or still tilting at windmills?

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