#BookReview – “House Secrets”

This was the first novel I read by Mike Lawson.  What drew me in was the author’s synopsis of the book which could be found below.  I am a fan of crime thrillers and political dramas like Scandal and House of Cards.  So, I knew from overview of this book that it could be just the next read that I was looking for and I was right.  Wow!  This book, yes it had its central premise and it remained the same throughout the novel but the twists, turns and subplots really drove this story home.  The book is about Joe Demarco whom is a lawyer for the house of congress, he is also a skilled investigator which makes him the perfect fixer and tool to be used by his boss Speaker of the House Mahoney.  Paul Morelli is a US Senator on the fast track to be the next president.  He is a gifted speaker, able senator, loving father and dedicated husband.  Those are all the things that he needs his constituents and the rest of the world to know, but he like most people have his secrets.  Because the last person that was looking into him was murder and also the son of another senator who is freinds with the Speaker of the House, Demarco has made it his business to get to the bottom of the mysterious Paul Morelli.  The information he digs up leads to more body’s and some other powerful people both in government and in organized crime.  This book is stacked with suspense, drama, murder and mystery and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. -Norman LaVelle


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