Blind Date with a Book

Blind-Date-with-a-Book-Florence-1961_1024x1024_full.pngThey say life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get. But this never stops us from opening a box of chocolates, and diving in. Bookstores, public and school library are challenging people to step outside of their comfort zones and try something different. Its called Blind Date with a Book.  Here is how it works. The bookstore takes a groups of books from multiple authors, genres and time periods. They wrap the book so that you cannot see anything but the cover, which displays engaging details about the book, just enough to peak your interest.  At that point you make a choice base on what you want out of your next literary adventure. I myself participated in this twice. The first time I read Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith, which was a murder mystery. My second date was House Secrets by Mike Lawson which was a political thriller that blew my mind. Both were great books.  I’m grateful for the experience, and because of it I now own other books in the series by Mike Lawson.  Reading helps me to escape and also stimulates my mind as a writer.  I am usually at my best creatively when I just finish a novel.  Of course there are other benefits as well.

Top Ten Benefits of Reading

BD-book_full.jpegReading can do many things for you including reducing your stress levels. You may be stressed about your weight, your finances, your job and countless other things in life. Taking the time to browse Facebook and twitter timelines can distract your for a little while. But a well written piece of literature can take the mind places you never imagined.  Read more.

Thank You for being my Audience

Norman LaVelle

© 2016. N L Writings.

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