#KeepWriting No Matter What

If your goal is to become a writer, then you should never want to stop writing.  I took time off my site when I enrolled in my Masters of  English and Creative Writing program.  I have reached my halfway point and am really excited to make writing my full-time career.  I am happy to say that I will be sharing some teasers of my writings I have desk setupcome up with over the past 10 month.  I have written 4 short stories in total just for the program alone.  Its amazing the amount of ideas for stories I come up with and the amount of feedback and critical peer reviews I get from professors and classmates.  I can truly say that the experience is making me a better writer day by day.  And other writers will tell you the same thing if you want to be a great writer you need to read more and write every chance you get.

laptop-notebook-smartphone-on-wooden-deskThere are times that I just need to speak to someone or I’m just stressed I need to get thing off my chest.  Microsoft OneNote has become a confidant at times.  I’d like to think if I were in pain I could write that pain away.  I always tell a joke to friends that if my head was hurting or I was feeling a little stressed and under pressure I could just take 600 mg of WriteItAll and call them in the morning.  So whether your journal is in the form of a smart phone, computer or simply pen and paper; make sure you keep writing

Thank You for being my Audience

Norman LaVelle 

© 2016. N L Writings.

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