Rules of the Road: Relationships and Dating #Throwback

Maintain the speed limit – Sometimes the road ahead can be rough.  Your relationship may suffer a serious blow it may even end.  But that no reason to give up on love.   Keep driving but don’t go so fast.  Slow things down so that you may observe the road and know how to maneuver.

4Pay attention to other drivers – it’s okay to follow another driver but not too close.  Following other drivers can be lead you right into a dangerous situation.  If you ease up off their bumper you can watch what they go through so that you don’t make the same mistakes.  Sometimes people take relationship advice from others; it can be great thing but make sure that they have or have been in a successful relationship.

traffic_signs_vector_163138Adhere to all traffic signs – Don’t pray to God to show you a sign, only to ignore the sign when it’s not the answer you want.  You can’t pick and choose which signs you will obey.  When you are presented with red flags, stop signs, stop lights and other warning and you proceed into traffic anyway, it’s just a wreck waiting to happen.

Use your turning signal – Your intentions should be clear and concise to other drivers.  Don’t make others guess what you are feeling and get upset for them not knowing something; when you haven’t opened your mouth.  I know it’s romantic for your significant other to just know.  However, it’s a tad naive to assume that someone would just know everything about you.  So make it clear how you feel and what you want so that they may act or respond accordingly.

In short, don’t give up on love.  Just slow down and go into your new relationship with a fresh perspective.  Be cautious and adhere to all warnings.  Communicate clearly and be careful who you take direction from. Ask the right questions and above all Enjoy the Ride.

Thank You for being my Audience

Norman LaVelle

© 2016. N. L. Writings

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