My Relationship with #Writing

I developed my relationship with writing after experiencing a book that was beyond subpar.  I almost took it as a challenge.  I had a friend say that if I thought I could do better then I should just do it.  Game On!  As far as I was concerned my relationship with writing began that evening.  I found a notebook and started to outline my first story.  I wrote  a short story about a girl who was being physically abused by her mother until she finally found her voice and the courage to rise up against her mom.  I wrote the story based on true events that happened to a friend of mine.  I change the names and the circumstances to protect her identity.  The story turned out to be a hit amongst my peers and teachers.  They all praised me for it.  I knew from that day forward that I loved creating stories for others to enjoy.

readingwritingJust like any relationship though, you have to spend time with it.  Cultivate it.  Go back and forth from reading to writing.  Get to know all you can about your craft.  Take the time to develop your strategy for character development.  Learn to show your readers instead of telling your readers.  Make them use as many of their senses as possible while reading your work.  These things can strengthen your relationship with writing.  After awhile, it will come natural and you will do these things without thinking of them.

6359766834798240641680325659_i-am-a-writer-imageStill though, I am humble and to this day I have to ask others to read my work before I hit submit or publish.  I believe that no one is perfect and we all could use a little work.  So I am always open to critiques.  I feel that all feedback helps you grow as a writer.  The writing process is as simple as the Nike slogan.  Just Do It!  The art of getting better, however, requires reading and writing, and reading and writing more.  Then Edits and Rewrites.  When you have something you are happy  and satisfied with, you’ll know.  Until then Keep Writing and Creating.  And as always:



© 2016. N L Writings.

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