Girls Night Out – The EXperience “Teaser 3”

stock-vector-silhouette-girls-73290388Just another Teaser! Please enjoy and I welcome feedback!

Me and the ladies had decide after a week of hard work we deserved this girls night out at Fridays. It was Gina’s idea to go actually. We all know why she chose Friday’s, because they have a two for twenty menu that offered an appetizer to go with the two entrees. Gina doesn’t work in the call center with us at Connection Wireless anymore. She got fired for mouthing off to a customer and being late. She still keeps in touch with all of us though. As usually my girl April and I were the first to arrive. We are always on time for everything because we plan ahead. Jasmine wont be too far behind us. She could be on time herself but she doesn’t like to consider traffic as a factor, until she gets caught in it. Right on queue here comes Jasmine now.

“Hey ladies, i hope im not too late,” she said as she made her way to the round table in the corner and took off her jacket. “Monica, I meant to tell you them shoes you got on today are so hot”

I held out my leg so that they both could see and said “thank you, I picked these up last week”

“They busy in here tonight, I need a real drink”  I took a drink of my water and snagged one of the waiters passing by. “Excuse me sir”

“Yes ma’am, how can I help you,” he said so politely but you can tell he was a little annoyed.

“Can we get our drink order going,” Okay I might have been a bit rude when I said that.

“Yes ma’am i can grab Emily for you and send her right over she will be your server this evening.” He rushed right off just as fast as I stopped him.

“Hey ladies!” We heard her before we saw her. Gina came walking up to the table with a couple of gift bags in tow. I don’t know why she have to be so damn loud. “Happy belated birthday April… And welcome to club 35” she screamed with a laugh. Damn! She brings so much attention to herself with her loud ass. April stood up and hugged her while thanking her for the gift. With her hands now free she hugged Jasmine also and then made her way around to me. I didn’t bother standing I just gave her the old quick embrace with a couple pats on the back and let go. She sat down and started apologizing for her tardiness. She was interrupted by the server thank God because her voice was beginning to annoy me.  Just after the server left with our orders she started right back up.  “So I’m glad we having this as a girls night out, when i pulled up I thought i was going to see the guys in here to.” We each gave her a strange look and Jasmine asked why. “Well I thought I saw “Jeff’s truck outside when I pulled up. You know there is no mistaking that truck with all that chrome on it, but maybe I was wrong.”

April perked up and added, “did anyone see him in here?” She started to scan the room as if she had turned into a radar. But the room was divided into 3 sections and we could not see that much of the second section from where we where nor could we see the whole bar area. Me and Jasmine both answered “no” that we haven’t seen him. Jasmine aka the company gossip looked like she was about to start investigating, so i changed the subject.

“So what y’all got planned this weekend, I know I ain’t got nothing going on but I’m am trying to get into something.” Good that was enough to pull the Jasmine’s attention away from April.

Gina sat her glass down and said, “I plan on going to that new martini lounge out in Tinley Park called Intimo, I am meeting a friend that I used to mess around with in college.” She had a huge smile on her face then she added,”when he moved he was married and the Lord, Hallelujah, has brought him back single. I thought we would go out for drinks and I would take him back to my place and make him forget he ever had a wife. Y’all know what I’m saying?”

Jasmine chimed in, “hell yeah, i know what you saying” she adjusted her legs while sitting as if she was straddling a horse. Now with her hand on her imaginary saddle horn she acted like she was galloping and said “you plan to ride that pony all night long”. We all laughed at Jasmine’s antics.

“You know that’s right girl, Gina said while slowly grinding her hips into the chair. Then she mocked Envoge by singing, “I plan on giving him something he can feel!”

“GINA!” April cried out, making a patting motion with her hand to calm her down.

“Girl these people will be okay, they all in here thinking about the same shit they just too scared to say it,” Gina said with a snap of the fingers. “Take this couple here next to us. She is a beautiful girl and he is descent looking man, but I bet he cant wait to leave so he can fuck the shit out of her tonight.” The couple next to us must have heard her because the girl giggled and the guy damn near choked on this dinner.

“GINA!” Now i cried out making the same patting motion trying to get her to calm down.

“Don’t you heffers start acting all high-class and sidity on me.” Then in the most proper tone she said “I know when y’all at the office is all that Good Afternoon, Great to see you, How’s the wife. But we are not at the office and y’all know how I talk. I keeps it all the way real.”

I had to shut her up. “Gina ain’t nobody tripping about what you saying its just that you loud as hell that’s all. Gina said okay really nonchalant as if I didn’t have her attention anymore. She was staring off into the area of the bar that we can actually see from our angle. “Earth to Gina, are you in? Can you hear me?”

“Yeah, yeah but look.” She raise her and pointed into the bar really quickly and then lowered her hand. She then whispered, “ain’t that April’s husband Alex?”

“Where? Oh yeah it is.

Jasmine noticed us talking low and don’t like being left out of nothing. She elevated her tone purposely and said “What is y’all heffers whispering about?”

That caught April attention and pulled her right into the conversation. With her eyes locked on mine I asked her “April is that Alex over there?”

“Where? Yeah that is Alex, he told me that he had to meet somebody tonight and wouldn’t be back home till later. Did y’all see if somebody walked in here with him? She looked genuinely concerned at this point as if she wasn’t just messing around with her ex-boyfriend Jeff last weekend.

Gina said, “I didn’t see him come in with anybody”

Just then the server came back with our drink orders and placed them down in front of us. April took a sip of her mojito and said, “I’ll be right back. I need to go and be nosy and see who my husband is meeting.” She walked toward the bar area at a normal pace at first and then it slowed to a creep as she got closer. She was almost out of our view then she suddenly stopped. It looked as if someone had place their hand in her chest and told her not to move. Then she slowly crept backwards turn and started to walk back towards us looking over her shoulder the entire time. She got back to the table and we all just kind of stared at her and waited for an explanation. Jasmine could not take the suspense any longer and neither could I.

Jasmine blurted out “okay what just happened!”

April had a look of disbelief on her face. She then straightened herself up and said “I walked over there to see who he as meeting and as i got closer he got up from the bar table he was sitting at and approached the person walking toward him. I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing so i stood there and waited for it to play out and then it happened.” She paused as if there was some dramatic effect.

“WHAT!” We all seemed to say in unison.

“He shook hands and gave that one arm brotherly hugs to the guy he was meeting,” she said with a puzzled look on her face

Gina waved it off and said, “Oh, so it wasn’t another woman. Hell I thought we was go have to get up in somebody’s ass tonight.”

I wasn’t satisfied with that answer, I asked “So who the hell was it?” Jasmine pointed at my mouth and then at April as if to say that’s what she wants to know also. Then she said it as a whisper and we barely heard her.

Gina said, “girl can’t nobody hear you!”

April spoke again but loud enough for us to hear, “Jeff… It was Jeff.”

Jasmine chimed right in, “and WHY is your husband meeting with your ex-boyfriend?” –MORE TO COME!


2 Replies to “Girls Night Out – The EXperience “Teaser 3””

  1. Okay, Im with Jasmine, Why is her husband all buddy buddy with the Ex! I am really enjoying your writing, this is going to really make a great story. You should write professionally, LOL, Just Kidding! Keep up the good work Mr. LaVelle.

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