April: Stay or Go?

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your emails and feedback on the Book Teasers.  Now that I have one project coming to a close, I have started to dive back into the development of The Ex-periment.  I would like for you to read the character April.  And tell me how you feel about her.  I may have an opportunity to use her in a different way in the next book.  I’ve been going in circles with my decision so I have decided to reach out to the readers and followers of my site.  Anyone who fills out the form will automatically be sent the first 10 chapters of the book for free later in the year.

Okay, So here is what I would like for you to do.

  • Follow this link and  read the introduction to April
  • Fill out the form below explain why she should stay or go. Your message will not appear on the site, I will receive a private email so feel free to type whatever you like. I accept any kind of feedback.

Again, I really appreciate the support and I thank you in advance for your feedback.  It is my plan to publish this book and one other by the end of this year.  And as always #KeepReading & #KeepWriting.


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