#BookReview – Grand Opening

22859810Wow! If you are a fan of the Family Business series by Carl Weber, then you will love this. Grand Opening is technically the book that precedes all the other Family Business novels. This is before the kids. This book shows just how the Duncans came to power, how they got involved with Alejandro, how LC and Chippy actually met and it even hints on how Duncan Motors actually started. The book is great it has its normal Family Business elements. There are the shady deals, fine women, drama, lies and a few murders sprinkled on top.

There are a host of new character to get to know and love. LC as we all know is the brains behind everything. But we get to meet his oldest brother Lou, who is a hustler and a ladies man. Then there was Larry, who is the stone faced killer of the family. He served his country and never learned to turn it off. Then there is one brother younger than LC and his name is Levi. Levi is more of a simpleton, slow in nature but with a heart of gold when it comes to his family. But Levi is also built like a linebacker and will not take any shit from anyone. Then you will meet other new characters like Ne Ne, Big Shirley and Juan/John. The book is filled with wise cracks, seriousness, drama and love and I hope you enjoy it as much as I.






Before there was the family, there was just the business.

From the minds of New York Times bestselling authors Carl Weber and Eric Pete comes the game-changing prequel to their blockbuster Family Business saga. Travel back to a small Southern town where, before there was Duncan Motors, there were the Duncan brothers: Louis, aka Sweet Lou, a lover of ladies and life . . . and a man you did not want to cross; Lawrence, aka Larry, a screw-up as attracted to trouble as it was to him; and Lavernius, better known as LC, the soft-spoken college boy who simply wanted to sell cars.

But the Duncan brothers weren’t alone at the crossroads. There was also the mysterious and seductive Chippy, a woman who saw a way out of her circumstances and dared to take it.

Witness what changed the course of their lives when ambitions intersected with opportunity that came calling one day in the form of a man named Alejandro Zuniga. Welcome to the familiar, but as you’ve never seen it before.

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