#BookReview – The Doctor Is In

28439694Can you say FATAL ATTRACTION! This pairing of Carl Weber with Brenda Hampton was a great match. I notice the writing style change a little. I’m used to Weber’s books being written in the first person. The narrative in this book is third person, BUT it has no bearing on how magnificently written this story is. The story stars Dr. Kasen Phillips, Voncile (his secretary), Raine (his girlfriend), Omar (his best friend) and Patrice (Voncile’s flunky). Voncile has a major crush on her boss they flirt every now and then in the office but both of them try to keep it as professional as possible. Voncile knows that Kasen has girlfriend and she can’t stand her because she feels that Kasen should be her man. So when Kasen reveals that he has been inspired by his patient to propose to his girlfriend it infuriates Voncile, but she never lets it show.

That’s when she decides it was time to remove his girlfriend from the picture. She concocts a plan along with his best friend to kidnap Raine and make it look as though she left him for another man. This will allow her to have Kasen all to herself providing him with a woman who really appreciates him and what he brings to the table. Once the plan is in play Voncile with lie, cheat, torture and even kill to see to it that her and Kasen wind up together. This book is a rollercoaster ride of plot twist. I don’t want to give too much away. If you are a fan of either author or not you still want to add this to your reading list. You will not regret it.



Dr. Kasen Phillips has the magic touch when it comes to helping his patients who are in dire need of counseling services, but when the love of his life winds up missing in action, Kasen’s life takes a horrific turn for the worse. His office manager, Voncile Harper, is there to lend a helping hand. She’s on a mission to shake Kasen from his misery, by offering him her sweet heat that he can’t resist. It’s not long before Kasen finds himself caught up in a web of Voncile’s lies, and when he realizes that he may have bitten off more than he can chew, he wants out of their reckless relationship for good. Unfortunately for Kasen, walking away may be difficult to do. Voncile is deep in love, and any man who refuses to play by her rules may be forced to suffer dire consequences.

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