The Road to Completion

I was recently invited and inducted in to The National Society of Leadership and Success.  The road to becoming an inducted member  included forming a success networking team or SNT.  The SNT could be a group formed outside or inside of the university.  I chose to form a team with others, like myself, who were recently invited to join the society.

The Purpose of the SNT:
• Access more useful information in the form of ideas, connections and possible actions to take.
• Assemble a personal team dedicated to supporting and holding one another accountable to commitments.
Find time to focus on what you want in your life and create a strategy for achieving those results.

Having someone hold you accountable to tasks that you have set out to complete yourself is a very helpful and motivational thing to have.  Of course you can hold yourself accountable for these very same things, but how often do we set goals that never get accomplished simply because we did not follow through on our action plan.  The stakes seem to be a little different when your action plan has been shared with other several other people.  You now want to have something to show in time for your next meeting.  You want to be able to tell your team about the milestones you have achieved and the next part of your action plan.  The accountability that you now hold for yourself is almost like the accountability that is held by you for your employer.


So, what was my goal?  It’s simple.  I would like to publish my first novel by November of this year, 2017.   I have set up a plan of action that I feel I need to take to complete the novel by the end of July.  By that time I plan to have it in the hands of a professional editor so that I can start making any revisions that need to be made once the manuscript is returned to me.  It is also at that same time that I plan to shoot the trailer for the book.  Yes.  I plan to utilize a marketing angle usually reserved for movies to spread the word and heighten the anticipation of the books release date.  Once the revisions are complete I will be shopping the book to some traditional publisher because I would like to go that route if I can.  However, I am not against self-publishing and am ready to initiate a Kickstarter campaign to help me get the best printing package possible while also getting the most print copies possible.  And of course the book will be available for digital download on Amazon, Nook, iBooks and Google Books.

Time management is the key.  I need to set aside certain hours of the day that will be dedicated to my writing and/or research only.  I started the novel once and stopped because I felt I wanted to know  all that I could about the craft itself.  So, I enrolled in school to start and finish my Masters of English and Creative Writing.  While attending I have made the decision that I do not want to wait to release my book.  So I will be taking the knowledge I have gained thus far and applying it effectively so that I can continue writing and possibly give myself the best graduation gift of all, a newly published book.  Wish me luck!



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