Professional Organizations

When I made the decision to get my Master Degree I knew that I had to put in more effort than I did in my undergrad program.  I often chose to be a mediocre student due to time.  I usually tend to put assignments off to the last minute because I allowed life to get in the way.  I worked full time, family matters, personal health and other odds and ends.  Nonetheless, I was determined to complete my education while maintaining a better GPA than I had ever earned.

So, Im more than half way to completion and have been invited, accepted and inducted into two professional associations.  The first was the International English Honors Society and the second is The National Society of Leadership and Success.   It was an honor to be invited to one and not even three months later I was invited to another.  There can be substantial life-changing benefits to having a network of professional to turn to.   And I can fully admit that I have already benefited from both associations in both my personal and professional life.


So how was I accepted?  Nomination criteria is determined by the local chapter leaders and is typically based on GPA and/or leadership potential. Students invited to their school’s chapter have earned distinction with their nomination , but must complete the leadership program requirements to achieve induction.

Im happy to say that I have achieved my short term goal of maintaining a GPA worthy of wearing honors cords for my graduation.  Unfortunately, I finish the program in the winter, so I won’t be able to walk the stage until next year in the spring.  The plus side is I get to make a great trip out of it.  The school is located in New Hampshire, but it is only 40 mins from Boston.  So, I figured I will take trip to Boston and see the sights, walk the stage and enjoy the rest of my time before returning to Illinos.


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