just-do-it.pngAs I sit and ponder the words for this post, I can’t help but gaze upon the many names on the books that fill my shelves.  Hoping, wishing and wanting so badly for the day that books with my name will eventually occupy spaces upon those shelves.  The task seems so easy, yet so far away.   I have put together a plan for writing so that I don’t allow life to get in the way and its working so far.  But I would be lying if I said it wasn’t overwhelming.  I feel like I should never have put writing on hold to get my masters, but then that just becomes an excuse.  Albeit, much of my focus is on my studies I do have time to write for my personal purposes.  Its the focus I have been lacking lately to get things going.

Clarity comes from knowing what you want and moving in the direction of it.  But a lack of clarity can put the brakes on any journey to success.  I just can’t let anything get in the way of what I want.  It all comes down to one question.  HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

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