Book Review – Black and Blue by James Patterson

29605514Patterson introduces us to his new character of this female detective series named Harry Blue. Like most of his novels it has its twist and side stories while driving home the mane plot. The pages are filled with murder, mystery, lies and hate. Not bad.

Harriet Blue was orphaned at a young age with her brother Sam. They were bounced from foster home to foster home because of their mischievous ways in and out of school. They did it purposely because they liked the group homes better and it almost guaranteed that they would never be split up. They grew up, Sam became a college professor and Harriet Blue became a cop.

She worked her way into the role of detective and got herself assigned to the sex crimes division. She works out in a boxing gym in her spare time which has proven useful in her line of work. She developed a bit of a vigilante streak, because she has found no matter how great of a detective she was, in the end it didn’t matter. The perps would walk because it would alway boil down to the fact that there were no witness and they left that bar together laughing and talking.

Blue was tapped for a first homicide case by her superior because it looks like it may have been a sexual assault. But when she gets to the crime scene the department leper had already been on the scene as a first responder. She tries to get him off the case but fails. Now she has to decide to let go of her first homicide or work with a man that everyone hates and will hate her just by association.

She stays on the case despite all the stare and office chatter that is going on behind her back. She shows and proves to the boys club that she has what it takes to be a homicide detective. She works the case with all its mystery, misdirection and sabotage. But by the time she solves the case she is in for the news of a lifetime and there may be nothing she can do about it. Over all I think it was a good introduction to a new character on another continent. Did I mention Patterson has taken us to Australia. Hope you enjoy it. And as always…


Publisher Overview

Short, fast-paced, high-impact entertainment. A beautiful young woman is found murdered on a river bank, and Detective Harriet Blue is convinced she’s the next victim of the worst serial killer Sydney has seen in decades. But the more Harriet learns, the more she realises this murder is not what she first thought. And her own life might be tangled up in the case.

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