Unforeseen Subplots

I’m not as inspired as I have been with my writing as I had been in the past.  At first everything was about hitting hard and soft deadlines to stay on track or exceed expectations.  It’s worked great in the beginning but things started to change right before my eyes.  I performed a self-assessment and realized that my motivation was somewhat tied to my medical recovery.

ChoicesSo, I find myself at a physical impasse.  One of those medical anomalies.  I have one action that I am taking that absolutely has held one of my conditions at bay.  However, that action is inadvertently keeping me from a complete recovery.  It is a quandary of sorts that is starting to get under my skin.  It’s found a way to steal my joy due to the agitation and aggravation the entire process is causing me.

I have read enough writing tip blogs to know exactly what my problem is.  It’s like I know what I want to write or better yet I know what I need to write.  But I am having the toughest time focusing on one topic.  I keep looking at the project as a whole instead of the next line item that is right in front of me.  But the frustration of my condition is so aggravating that I have no passion to move forward.  On the other side of that coin is a man frustrated with himself  for not writing that day, or the day before that or the week before that.

I wish the medical issues were just as easy to solve.  So, it seems that life has thrown me a plot twist of my own.  Now I need to figure out a plan of attack that is both reasonable, safe and actually works.  Everyone has an opinion as to what I should address first.  I’ve spoken with two doctors who seem to have conflicting prognosis.  I have chosen to take matters into my own hands and handle things the best way I know how.  Good old fashion common sense mixed with sound medical and physical  advice and research.  I started today and I will start the restart the writing again tomorrow.


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