Eileen K.

I really like your book teasers.  I read all four and can really see this going somewhere fun.  I’m especially interested in the suspicious meet up with the woman’s husband and ex-boyfriend.  I think you got a winner.  Now please finish your other book so you can go back to working on this one.  I like the drama thats building. Ha Ha

Thank You


You hit the nail on the head.  I hadn’t considered things that way until you responded to me.  Or maybe I knew it but just needed someone else to help me make sense of it all.  Well I am threw with him and he is out of my life.

What a blessing

Mr. LaVelle, After reading that  post in life lessons, it made me realize that i was never being completely up front with her and she may have been right.  I decided to be vulnerable and just tell her everything from the beginning till now and guess what.  The wedding is still on!